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May 18 - 20:

Prague is amazingly well preserved, having been spared the bombing that destroyed many major European cities during World War II. Our sightseeing was concentrated in three areas. First, local guide Katarina highlighted the sights of Staré Město (Old Town), with winding streets, eye-popping architecture, and spires aplenty. Second, we toured Nové Město (New Town), where the Velvet Revolution--a peaceful demonstration against communism--occurred. Third, Jana led us on an expedition to the Castle Quarter, dominated by the majestic St. Vitus Cathedral.

May 18 - 19: Well-Preserved Prague

Astronomical Clock in action

Luckily, our tour group arrived at the Astronomical Clock just before the hour struck 7 PM, though I knew that from looking at my phone, not the clock itself. The clock was so complicated, I couldn't understand how to read it! We caught the full show, and James took some close-up video of the four figures flanking the upper clock face. Also watch the parade of apostles above the clock and the parade of people below.

May 19: Revolutionary Prague

May 20: Royal Prague

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus is simply spectacular. As the highlight of the Prague Castle complex, it stands grandly on a hill overlooking the Vltava River. The history and features of this building are more than we can tell here, so we'll just share our favorite tidbit. We did find young Wenceslas, patron saint of the Czech Republic, and his grandmother, Ludmila, within the famous stained glass window designed by Alphonse Mucha. St. Wenceslas himself is entombed at St. Vitus in his own little chapel, and Mucha's stained glass window pays homage to this most influential Czech. 

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Royal Palace

Free time in Prague


Municipal House

The Municipal House is an Art Nouveau wonderland, inside and out. Art Nouveau is about applied art just as much as architecture, so every detail in this building--including door handles, curtains, light fixtures, and wood paneling--is done in the same style. Our tour guide took us through the major rooms of the building, ending with the glorious Mucha Room, a celebration of Czech culture and its prominent figures. 

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Eating in Prague

We agreed that Prague had the best food of all the cities we visited (the best desserts, however, were in Vienna). In Prague, we were able to eat extremely well for a reasonable price. 

The food was quite heavy and filling; we never ate light in Prague. Lots of root vegetables, meat, and sauce. While it was great for a vacation, we couldn't eat like that all the time. 

Follow our Prague tour on the map!


Click on the square icon to load the map in a new window, or click on the square with an arrow in it to see the legend. 

Blue marker = Preserved Prague tour

Red marker = Revolutionary tour

Orange marker = Royal tour

Purple marker = Free time

Green marker = Food and lodging

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