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May 15 - 16:

With our tour group, we spent two and a half days in Berlin, a modern city whose recent history is dominated by two extreme political ideologies: fascism and communism. For our first tour day, local guide Toby took us on a tour of the fascist history of the city, from 1933 to 1945. The second day, we learned about the Berlin Wall, from its erection in 1961 to its destruction in 1989. 

Much of our free time was spent on Museum Island, which, as the name indicates, is an aggregation of world-class museums on a small island in the city's core. 

May 15 - 16: Berlin's Legacy of Fascism

May 16: Communism in East Berlin

Free time in Berlin


Eating in Berlin

Berlin is known for its street food: specifically, currywurst and döner kebaps. Currywurst is sausage served with curry ketchup. Döner kebap, brought to Berlin by Turkish immigrants, is a flatbread filled with shaved lamb and vegetables. We didn't photograph every meal, but we got enough to highlight the tastes of Berlin.

Follow our Berlin tour on the map!


Click on the square icon to load the map in a new window, or click on the square with an arrow in it to see the legend. 

Blue marker = Fascism tour

Red marker = Communism tour

Purple marker = Free time

Green marker = Food and lodging

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