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May 28:

On the morning of May 28, we left Vienna and took a train to Bratislava, excited for the Depeche Mode concert that night. After settling in at our hotel, we grabbed our Rick Steves Vienna guidebook, which contains a chapter on Bratislava, and headed for the Old Town.

Overall, we found the compact Old Town lovely. We took a pleasant, leisurely stroll around the town, guidebook in hand, and learned about the sights of the city.

Depeche Mode Concert

Depeche Mode is one of our favorite bands. We were fortunate that they were playing in Bratislava a few days after our group tour ended in Vienna, just an hour train ride away. The concert was fantastic. Both the band and the crowd had great energy. They played many old favorites and a few new songs off their latest album. We kept marveling that we were there, far from home, watching our favorite band perform.

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Follow our Bratislava tour on the map!


Click on the square icon to load the map in a new window, or click on the square with an arrow in it to see the legend. 


Blue marker = Bratislava sights

Red marker = Bratislava statues

Green marker = Food and lodging

May 29 - 30: Heading Home

After 18 days in Europe...

we were worn out! While we had a fabulous, unforgettable vacation, there's nothing like the comfort of your own home. Our 19th and final day in Europe was spent traveling. When we got home, we set our bags down with a satisfied sigh.

We hope you enjoyed our website and feel inspired to take your own epic trip!

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